Why B&M do not provide online sale and delivery service for patio furniture-UROLeisure

There could be several reasons why B&M (Brick and Mortar) stores do not provide online sales and delivery services for patio furniture:

Logistics and Shipping Challenges: Patio furniture can be bulky and heavy, making it expensive to ship and deliver. B&M stores might find it challenging to offer cost-effective delivery services for such large items, especially if they operate on a regional or local scale.

In-Store Experience: B&M stores often emphasize the importance of an in-store shopping experience. Patio furniture is a significant investment, and customers may prefer to physically see and test the furniture before making a purchase. By not offering online sales, B&M stores encourage customers to visit their physical locations, where they can interact with the products, feel their quality, and make an informed decision.

Showrooming: Showrooming is a phenomenon where customers visit a physical store to examine a product and then purchase it online from a different retailer offering a lower price. B&M stores might be wary of providing online sales for patio furniture, as it could increase the likelihood of showrooming, negatively impacting their sales and profitability.

Local Market Focus: Some B&M stores cater primarily to a local market. They may not have the resources or infrastructure to offer online sales and nationwide shipping for patio furniture. Their business model might be centered around serving customers within a specific geographic area.

Inventory Management: Managing inventory for online sales can be complex, especially for larger items like patio furniture that come in various styles, colors, and configurations. B&M stores might choose to focus on managing their inventory for in-store customers, rather than expanding their operations to include online sales.

It's important to note that while some B&M stores may not offer online sales and delivery for patio furniture, others may have adapted to the growing e-commerce trend and provide such services. The specific approach can vary depending on the store's business strategy, target market, and resources available to them.
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