About Managing Director

Introducing Managing Director George Zhu: Shaping Excellence in Global Manufacturing

George Zhu

As the esteemed Managing Director of Euroleisure Global Limited and Joyces Industrial Company Limited, George Zhu leads the strategic direction and operational endeavors of a prominent industrial manufacturer and exporter based in London and Hong Kong. With an impressive track record spanning over 18 years in this pivotal role, George has propelled the company to achieve remarkable growth, foster innovation, and uphold exceptional quality standards in a fiercely competitive and ever-evolving market. His adeptness in building and nurturing strong relationships with key stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, regulators, and industry associations, has further solidified his standing as a respected figure within the industry.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, George Zhu exhibits an unwavering passion for academic research in the realms of corporate social responsibility (CSR), business, and human rights. Armed with a PhD in Enterprise Management, a MA in Human Rights, an MBA, and a Certificate in Leadership for Global Business and Politics from esteemed institutions, he delves into the intricate dynamics of how emerging SMEs respond to CSR-related codes of conduct imposed by external stakeholders. His research not only explores the economic implications but also delves into the moral dimensions of such responses. Notably, George has published his findings in reputable international academic journals. Looking ahead, he envisions dedicating his post-retirement years to advancing the knowledge and application of human rights in the global landscape. Through his research endeavors, George aspires to foster a deeper understanding of the challenges confronting the world today and contribute to a brighter and more equitable future for all.

While George Zhu's professional commitments make him a globe-trotter between London and Hong Kong, he considers both cities his home. Currently maintaining a residence in North London, he utilizes this location as his base in the UK, effectively managing and overseeing operations in both regions. This dual perspective enables him to bridge cultural and geographical gaps, ensuring UROLeisure's success on an international scale.

With George Zhu at the helm, UROLeisure continues to thrive as a leader in global manufacturing, driven by his unwavering dedication to excellence and commitment to shaping a sustainable future.